1) How does a U-cut Christmas tree farm work?
A U-cut Christmas tree farm is the place you go if you want the freshest tree, the best selection, and want to experience a wonderful time outdoors. The journey is as simple as gathering the family, driving to the tree farm, parking and starting the hunt. The most difficult part is picking out a tree that the entire family agrees on, but once you do, it is time to cut it down. Hand saws are provided by the tree farm for this part and they can be found at designated locations. Once the tree has been cut down, return the saw and carry the tree back to the pay area. At this time you can choose to shake or net your tree. Proceed to the pay station, pay for your tree, and then take it home to set up and decorate.
2) Am I allowed to bring my dog?
Pets are allowed but they are required to be on a leash at all times and you are required to pick up after your pet if they go poo on the property. If you pet is at all aggressive towards people or other animals, please leave them at home.
3) Do I need to bring my own saw?
Hand saws are provided to cut down your Christmas tree and are located throughout the property at designated locations.
4) Can I bring my own chainsaw?
Due to liablity reasons we cannot allow the use of personal gas or electric chain saws.
5) Can I pay for a tree, save/tag it and come back to cut it down at a later date?
We do not allow trees to be saved and cut down at a later time. We have tried this in the past and unfortunately on several occasions when the family returned to cut down the tree it was gone and the tag relocated.
6) Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept visa, mastercard, and cash.
7) Will you tie the tree on my vehicle for me?
Due to liability issues, we cannot tie the Christmas tree on top of your vehicle. However we will assist in lifting the tree onto the vehicle and we offer free twine to help secure the tree. Step ladders are also available to use for that extra reach.
8) What is the tree shaker?
The tree shaker is a device operated by the tree farm staff to aggressively shake the tree and help remove the dead needles, bugs, and other loose debris from inside the tree. Although we cannot guarantee everything will be removed, it will definitely get the majority of it. This process is highly recommended by the tree farm employees. Typically once a person uses the tree shaker for the first time to shake their tree they wonder why they have never done this before.
9) Why would I net my tree?
Netting the tree is a simple way to help haul, load, tie, and set your Christmas tree in its stand. When a tree is netted, it is pulled through a circular tube by the Christmas tree employees pulling the branches tight around the trunk making the tree thinner. Now when you carry the tree, the branches do not drag on the ground, it becomes much easier to maneuver around people, through doors and onto or into vehicles. It also makes setting the tree in the stand much easier. After it is securely in the stand the last thing you do is cut off the net. *There is a size limit to how big of a tree can be pulled through the netter.
10) What does it mean when the tree I cut down has lots of dead needles in the middle?
As a tree grows needles on the inside of the tree no longer are exposed to light, turn brown and fall off. These needles get stuck on the branches and can collect over the lifetime of the tree. Needles inside the tree do not indicate any sort of issue with the tree. A good shake will typically remove these needles leaving a healthy Christmas tree.
11) Will someone help me cut down my tree if I am unable or need help?
The tree farm employs several people to help with shaking, netting, hauling and occasionally cutting down a tree if someone is in need of help. If the tree farm is busy it can be a significant wait before someone is available to help cut down your tree. If assistance in needed in cutting down a tree it is best to call the tree farm and find out when a good (slow) time to visit would be.
12) How do I keep my tree green and fresh after it has been cut down?
The two most important things you can do keep your tree fresh and green throughout the Christmas season is make sure it has a fresh clean cut on the bottom of the trunk and to continually water it after it has been put in the stand. The cut is good for about an hour after you chop the tree down. If you do not want to put the tree in the stand when you get home it is recommended to put it in a bucket of water. If it is going to be out of water for a long duration, give it a fresh cut of at least 1" before you put in the tree stand. Once it is in the stand a tree can drink lots of water. Keep a close eye on the water level and do not let it go dry. If it goes dry, the trunk will seal up and will need another cut.
12) Do you flock the trees?
No, flocking the tree's is not a service we offer. However, you can buy cans of spray-on flock and do-it-yoursef.
13) Do you sell any precut Christmas Trees?
Yes, we purchase a couple hundred 6' to 8' precut Noble trees each year to resell at our farm. These trees add more variety to the selection on the farm and allow families an option for a quick in and out visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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